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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Doll Repair Hint: Color Belt

One of the many problems with Rainbow Brite dolls is their Color Belts going missing. The dolls belts were originally glued on their dresses and after a few years many of them fell off and are missing. I decided to check for a way of getting a belt on missing dresses, so I asked a friend who did embroidery to help me. She took a few of my belt less dolls and looked up a pattern and attempt to put it on one of the older dresses. You need to be careful with this, because the dresses are made of nylon and could tear.
Either way, we were successful!
We located a nice "Shooting Star" pattern, and were able to adjust the colors to match, and put it on a dress. Here is the finished product:

The design also works on the larger dresses as you can see here.

You can find the pattern for this here: Shooting Star Pattern
I hope this helps you also!

Have a Rainbow Day!