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Friday, September 30, 2016

Sunshine after the Rain

Hi Color Kids,

So much has happened. So wonderful and I feel truly lucky the past month.

1: There was an announcement of a Rainbow Brite celebration in Hallmark's headquarters in Kansas City MO. I took the time to go to this celebration to represent the fans, as well as meet new fans.
Katy of RainbowBrite.Net also came and we shared our cheer with others online on behalf of ourselves as well as "BriteCast".

2: We were able to meet the current creators of the new Rainbow Brite products, as well as see the Hallmark Archives where we learned even more secrets about the creation of her that we will be sharing as we can.

3: [Personal] I got a 3rd opinion on my back and had surgery to assist in helping it. I'm currently in recovery and hope to be able to come back to work soon. I've been spending the past 2 weeks in recovery so I haven't said anything about it, but now that the pain in lessening, I feel inspired to share what I can with fans, so hopefully you will see much more coming from

Until then,
I'm still resting but hope to have more for you soon.

Have a Rainbow Day!