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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Share the Rainbow: Note from Former Rainbow Brite Mom

A note from a former Rainbow Brite Mom:

"My daughter got started on Rainbow Brite when she was 4 yrs old back in 1984. It started with the T.V commercials on a very small black and white TV that my parents bought for us. She fell in love with the colors even though she didn't see any colors on the screen.

Then I bought her the coloring books, puzzles and dolls. She would spend hours putting together her puzzles over and over again. Once she put it together, she boxed it up, shuffled the box, mixing up the pieces and did it again.

My daughter to this day is the true Rainbow Brite fan. I just wanted to share my story with you every little girl should have her own Rainbow Brite doll to love and share. Thanks and Rainbow wishes

~ Katherine, California, USA

Thank you so much for this memory. We look forward to hearing more! Please contact us with your Rainbow Brite Memories? How have you Shared the Rainbow?

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