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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Find a Rainbow Day

I'm not sure what it is,or how much study has gone in to the fact that colors make a person happy. There is something about seeing a rainbow that makes a person smile, and the way things are today, it's harder then ever to keep a smile.

April 3rd is National “Find a Rainbow Day”, but considering Easter weekend, and so much beyond that, our site has decided to make everyday, a “Find a Rainbow Day”. It is too important a quest to leave it to a single day. So often in our lives we forget to look up, look around or even make our own rainbows.

We need a reminder everyday that life is good, so keep an eye out for a rainbow...and if the sky is grey, the future cloudy, make one

Dress as a rainbow:
red hat, scarf, or ribbon on your head or neck
Orange and yellow shirt, jacket or gloves,
green belt, sash, or shorts
blue jeans, socks or shoes.

Organize your desk as a rainbow
Arrange your desk notes by colour
link your coloured paper clips like a rainbow,
put a rainbow wall paper on your computer desktop

Make your snack something colourful!
Dried cherries, raisins, banana chips, oranges or apricot pieces with nuts!

You can find a rainbow everywhere!
Where do you find yours?
Share the rainbow, send us your fun ideas and ways you make a rainbow everyday!
We would love to share them with others!

Have a Rainbow Day!

Read more about “Find a Rainbow Day” here.

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