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Monday, January 7, 2013

Color Me Happy

Hello fans,
I decided to share a bit of fan art with you all.

Color Kid Renee'
As you know from my previous post I am wanting to organize a podcast with another Rainbow Brite website. As part of organizing the cast I decided to draw myself and my co-host as Color Kids! Using a basic Color Kid design referencing a lot of color kids photos, I came up with the picture on the right.

This is me as a color kid based on myself at the age of 5. I used the below photos as references for the drawing.

Both photos contain my favorite shirt! A "rainbow" shirt that I adored. The colors wrapped around me and I felt like Rainbow Brite. I duplicated the shirt's pattern on my own color kids.
The hair and eyes are arranged like the other photo in which my bangs where slightly wind blown, and my eyes wide.

The drawing was drawn digitally with a PC tablet and Fireworks. I drew each part as it's own layer so that it could be changed without harming other layers. So the shirt is a layer, the jeans, shoes, hair, etc.

So, do you think it looks like me? Do you like it? Would you like to see yourself as a color kid? Let me know!

Have a Rainbow Day!

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