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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rainbow Brite, My Dad and Me

Me & Dad 1981
Hello Color Kids,
Me & Dad 1982
This is going to be a very personal entry regarding Rainbow Brite and my history with her. One that I wanted to share with you.

In recent weeks I've been dealing with a family emergency. My dad has been in the hospital with a heart condition and I went to Tennessee to be with him. This was hard because this was the week before the new show on Feeln was coming out. However during this time I was drawn more to the original Rainbow Brite then I had been before.

Me & Dad 1985
You see, my family has supported my Rainbow Brite fandom since I was small, but my dad has a very special part in all that. It was my dad who bought me my Rainbow Brite doll for my 5th birthday. It was my dad who put together my Rainbow Brite Bike and gave it to me. It was my dad who bought me my Rainbow Brite costume when I told him I wanted to be her for Halloween in 1985. For all his flaws he has moments where he shines.

My dad loves to quote me as a child. "Once I asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up and ya said 'Nope daddy, I know I've got it made. I'm not going to grow up.' and that tickled me to no end." I guess if you consider my current interests are the same as they were as a child, I kept my word.

Me & Dad 2006
Anyway, as absent as some parents can be, even after divorces, separations, etc... and as much as my dad can currently drive me crazy, push my buttons and every level in between I also remember that he supports me, loves me, and helped make me the person I am. He says I'm his Rainbow Brite, but I know I wouldn't have what I do if it wasn't for him and my mother being such loving people to their little color kid and I'm thankful for them both.
Me & Dad 2014

Anyway, I wanted to share that with you.
Have a Rainbow Day!

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