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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Rainbow Room/Color Cave: Update 01

Hey Rainbow Brite Fans!
Life events have got me behind with updates yet again. However I think I may be to the point where I can tell you about one of them. I am designing my own "Rainbow Room/Color Cave"!

I have recently moved into a new home and in one of the rooms I am designing a display area JUST for my Rainbow Brite items!

Will I have all my items all over the room? 

No. One of the most sought after features of Rainbow Brite collectibles is the preservation of the colors themselves. I fear having all my collectibles out would drain them of their color! However the room has a closet that is flat against the wall and a few feet deep. This should be a great place for me to display my collection and still keep it safe from light!

Also, I'm a person of many interests. I have lots of things I collect. Rainbow Brite is the most, but other things I collect are video game systems. I own many vintage gaming systems, all original and in working order and a few select games for each.

Luckily I live with a man who shares my appreciation of my old systems, so I intend on sharing my space with him and our love for video games. Hopefully I can design a nice place where I can be nerdy, geeky, and live in harmony with all my nerdy-ness.

How do I plan on displaying my figures and still keeping them safe from light?

The closet has two folding doors. Inside the door I am hanging two black curtain panels designed to block light. When the closet is closed the curtains will be pulled to keep out to keep the light out. There is a large window right across from the closet too, and while it doesn't get direct light, it will keep the exposure to a minimum.

How do I plan to display my collection?

Oh, well that took a lot of thinking. I want to display everything, which is mostly dolls and books. Of the dolls I have so many different kinds, and those are different colors. The original dolls where primary rainbow colors, while the newer items are more pastel rainbow colors. I haven't decided how exactly I want to place them, but I do know I wanted options so I tried to think of a way to be able to customize my space so small, and use it to the most of my advantage.

I am custom cutting my own shelves at  a shallow depth with brackets I can adjust as I like. If done correctly I will line the inside of the closet with over 20 adjustable shelves, each 6 inches deep so I can utilize the most space and not crowd the shelves. I bought most of my equipment today, and hope to give you some small updates as I continue in case any one else wants to try their own.

The hardest part will be the painting. I bought real hard wood boards for the shelves. I am painting the shelves white, so they match the brackets and the walls in the room. (Yes, I'm keeping the walls white.) I'm allergic to wood, so I am painting each shelf a semi-gloss white so that should harden keeping most of the wood scent low. I was told the paint would be a faster solution then having to stain each board and then varnish it. The paint will do both. I'm also hoping the surface should clean easier too.

Anyway, I hope the decorating will go well, and hope to take pictures and keep you guys updated on the way.

In between this I am still recording Brite Cast episodes! You can expect some new "Mini" casts soon, as well more reviews!

Until then, Have a Rainbow Day!

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