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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Rainbow Room/Color Cave: Update 02

Hey Rainbow Brite Fans

Here is what I have begun so far.

The "Color Cave" Doors
The inside of the doors.
The closet space is about 6 ft by 2 and 1/2 feet. It already had  a wire shelf and rod installed. I decided not to remove it as I can use the upper space for storage. The bottom space needed work. I decided I needed shelves about 6 inches deep and 2 feet wide. These type of board aren't available ready made, so I decided to make them. I bought 6 inch board and had the store cut them for me into 2 ft boards.

I decided on adjustable shelving so I bought 8 upright double track for brackets.
Here is a picture of the closet without the rail mounted.
It took me some trying to get good screws to mount them with. The first ones I bought were far too long. I decided to go with one about and inch and a half deep. I don't plan on these shelves holding anything but collectibles, not including books.
Each rail is about 2 feet separated so that the brackets can overlap some if I want to overlap them.
 Once mounted I made sure each was level with a leveler and tested the brackets.
The following is a photo of the brackets with the unpainted wooden shelves.

Here are the corners of each, which also have brackets and smaller shelves.

I haven't been able to paint the shelves yet because of the weather. It rains nearly everyday here, which would make the paint unable to dry. It will take several coats to make them like I want, so they are currently waiting.
I also found out I need more brackets then pictured because I have more closet to fill and shelves cut.

The current cost of the shelf is $168

$6 per track rack X 8 =$48
$3 per bracket X 24 = $72
$6 per board. (I get 3 shelves per board, 4 small boards) X 8 = $48

Not bad considering I get to customize the shelf system and move it around I would like.

I still have to buy more brackets and paint. I will cover the painting in the next update!

Until then, what do you think so far?

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