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Monday, June 16, 2014

Drip! Drip! Drop!

Hi Color Kids,
Well, no sooner did I make that post and was getting all comfortable in my living space, my rainbow room sprung a leak.


Yes, I am mortal to the forces of nature, and apparently a leak decided to form in the one room in the house where I store all my rainbow stuff. Luckily I caught the leak before any major damage could be done, but since a minor patching to the roof I am now on "ceiling watch". You may not know what this is. It's like looking up to the sky for rainbows, only you're looking for wet patches that could be leaking tiles.

This isn't fair to say the least. My house is new (to me) having just moved in a little over a year ago, so a leak like this has my confidence wounded.  Alas, you did not come to this blog to hear about my leaky roof. You came here to read about my rainbows.

Okay, so apart for leaking roofs, I was planning on getting a new Rainbow Brite Costume...but plans have been derailed due to ...leaky roof.... All my money is going to that.

But I do plan on wearing my old costume again soon, to a local comic convention. It's very small. It's only it's second year running, but I am excited to attend and hang out with other people as geeky as me.

What about Brite Cast? Well, I recently discovered a lot of Brite Cast listeners! Thank you all for tuning in.
We've been trying to schedule a new episode, but due to schedule conflicts we haven't been able to record. If you like any of the previous episodes, why not run over to the Brite Cast Facebook page and leave some comments.

Until next time, don't let Murky rain on your parade!
Have A Rainbow Day!

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