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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Getting Ready for Con!

Hey Color Kids.
Happy to report that Brite Cast has made a lot of news lately with the announcement of the new "Rainbow Brite" cartoon in the works. We found out and were able to confirm that one should be coming soon. Keep an eye on Brite Cast for more news on that.

Another bit of news from Brite Cast is that both the hosts, myself and Katy Cartee Haile of RainbowBrite.Net will be attending a convention and doing a meet up. We are both attending Dragon Con in Atlanta Georgia. I'm very excited to go, as it is a convention I have always wanted to attend. I'm plotting out 3 costumes for the event, too.

Costume 1: Rainbow Brite (of course!) : Sadly my original costume I worked so hard on this past year did not survive alterations, and will not be worn. I am instead fashioning a costume from store bought clothing I am customizing.

Costume 2: Pinkie Pie (human form) : At first I thought of doing "Tickled Pink" but feared any "Stylized" version would just appear as a generic Anime character with pink hair, so I changed a few things up and decided I could do Pinkie Pie! Hopefully people with "get it".

Costume 3: Unicorn (Original Design) : I'm a big fan of the Last Unicorn. I learned recently that they released some official clothing based on the movie, so I decided to pay tribute with an original design around a piece of clothing being sold. I made my own unicorn horn and hope that it will go well with the design.

I am not sure on which days I'm going to dress as what, but I'm hoping to have lots of fun! If you plan on going, maybe I will see you there!

Until I find more to write about,
Have a Rainbow Day!

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