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Monday, July 29, 2013

My Rainbow Room/Color Cave: Update 04

Hey Color Kids,
I know it's been a long while since my last "Collection/Color Cave/Rainbow Room" update. I hit a few bumps. Beyond personal issues/illness I also hit some design bumps.

First, the shelves I painted seemed too tacky to use as is, so for my top shelf, I actually purchased two 7 inch wide pre-made shelves for the main boxed dolls. Also, I was short several brackets so I bought more.
Closet with painted shelves.
Then I attempted to arrange the shelves to best show as much of my collection as possible. Before I could put them up, I had to box them. You can find out the details behind making your own Rainbow Brite style display box in this entry here. How to make a Rainbow Brite Style Display Box.

It was when I created my original dozen and displayed them that I realized how much I really LIKED the way the boxes looked and also knew I was going to need much more if I wanted to display my WHOLE collection. My whole collection is NOT going to FIT in the closet.  I tried to display a few items I had, the core dolls from each release and this is what I got: 
The front of the closet with boxed dolls
As you can see the boxes look good. I love how the color pops for each doll. Still I have much more to display, and many more to box. This got me to thinking, I really need to use the whole room to display my collection, but I don't want to risk the dolls fading. So a NEW plan was hatched! UV Protective Film!

While at Lowes looking for brackets I turned to window treatments and saw some UV film to protect your furniture from fading. I selected the highest UV protection possible. While this does happen to be BLACK UV film, it does allow light and I can still use my window but it doesn't allow 99% of UV light which should keep my items from fading! I don't know about you, but I felt such a release of not being restricted. Between the custom made boxes to protect from dust and now the UV film to protect from fading, I can enjoy my collection even more.

That and when it comes to game playing and movie watching, I don't have to worry about window glare! 

So I am wanting to keep the main dolls in the closet for their protection, and  I started working on what I would display around my room, since I was going to be using the whole space for everything else I have. The space isn't finished now, and I will go over the details when they are, but here are some cute ideas that you may enjoy too!

One I like is Recycle Wrapping Paper: I have old wrapping paper from Rainbow Brite. This paper is so adorable, I wanted to use it in the room, so I went to my local Hobby Lobby and had a section dry mounted on foam board. This section of paper can now be mounted on my wall as a poster! I recommend dry mounting to anyone who has paper items they want to display. This isn't archival safe, but rather just for show. I will preserve a copy of the paper as well in my archives, but it is fun for other things. Also, considering how much paper you can get in a roll, you can give "posters" away as gifts to other Rainbow Brite fans!

Vintage, New and Homemade Posters!
Don't be afraid to DIY: Do It Yourself Projects: If there is something you can make on your own it is tons of fun and personalizes YOUR space to you! In my space I have become such a crafter! I share everything I make with fans as I do it because I think you will enjoy it too! I made Home Made Projector Night Lights for Rainbow Brite, Custom Display Boxes, and Posters so far! I had no idea how many ideas I had until I started working on this project. You never know what you can come up with too! Don't be afraid to try! and if successful SHARE it with fans! 

Oh, and for those who were curious of the left and right sides of the closet here are some pictures:
The Left Side
As you can see from the shallowness of the shelves I made a lot of room by putting brackets on the side of the shelve as well as the back. these side shelves also hold dolls. These aren't how my display is now, trust me. I've been moving shelves around everyday. I think they may move even more until this project is done. LOL

The Right Side
The Right Hand side of the shelve is also different. I'm attempting to use the closet as custom book shelves too. I keep a lot of the heavy items to the bottom of the shelves. This is incase anything does fall it doesn't fall far. You can see a lot of my books and videos here. This display will change too as I go through my collection.

If there is anything specific you were curious about with this project, or if you have any suggestions for my collection, let me know! I hope to have more for you soon, but if this takes a long time to complete, don't be discouraged. It's a learning process! LOL

Please be sure to check the website and this blog for any more "Do it yourself" ideas I may come up with to help with displays!

My current project is making more boxes for dolls (Variants) and cleaning up SPRITES! Oh boy the trial and error of cleaning those poor little guys.

Thanks for reading, until next time


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